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Pebble Mosaics

Mosaics - the earliest were made of pebbles.

Small, flat stones hand-placed into mortar to create smooth surfaces for the Greeks to walk on.

Today I use the same techniques and materials to create artworks you want to touch, to walk on with bare feet or just to look at.

After studying at the Orsoni Workshop in Venice Italy achieving a Master certificate in mosaic arts; working along with great mosaic masters using gold, glass, marble and smalti, I found that I was drawn to the smooth round stones from my own shores. Walking the beaches collecting stones is what I think of as a perfect day. I pick up pebbles everywhere I go. Round ones, smooth ones, ones with unique specs or lines, pebbles are my pallet.

After graduating with honors from Pratt Institute

with a BFA in design, achieving awards as

Creative Director in NYC for over 20 years,

I continued to do mosaics.

A member of SAMA (Society of Mosaic Artists)

and moving to Provincetown MA for a time propelled me to create mosaics for landscapes as well as corporate and residential interiors.

To create lightness and movement with the hardest of stones and knowing that they will last for years to come is truly humbling.

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